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The study programs: classic, innovative, unique

One-Subject Study Programs Language of Instruction Bachelor's Master's
Natural Sciences and Computer Sciences
Mathematics German x x
Technomathematics German x x
Mathematics and Economics German x x
Physics German x x
Medical Physics German x x
Chemistry German x x
Chemical Biology German x x
Computer Science German x x
Applied Computer Science German x x
Statistics German x x
Data Analysis and Data Management German x
Data Science German x
Engineering Sciences
Chemical Engineering German x x
Biochemical Engineering German x x
Mechanical Engineering German x x
Logistics German x x
Industrial Engineering German x x
Manufacturing Technology English x
Automation and Robotics English x
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology German x x
Information and Communication Engineering German x
Spatial Planning German/English x x
Spatial Planning for Regions in Growing Economies (SPRING) English x
Architecture and Urban Design German x x
Civil Engineering German x
Structural Engineering German x
Construction Management and Real Estate Management German x
Social Sciences and Cultural Studies
Business Administration and Economics German x x
Economic-policy Journalism German x
Economics and Journalism German x
Educational Research German x x
Ageing Societies German x
Rehabilitation Education German x
Rehabilitation Sciences German x
Philosophy and Political Science German x
Linguistics German/English x x
Literary and Cultural Studies German/English x x
Journalism German x x
Science Journalism German x x
Empirical Multilingualism German x
Cultural Analysis and Cultural Intermediation German x
Music Journalism German x x


Teacher Training
Primary schools German x x
General Schools, Indermediate Schools and Comprehensive Schools German x x
Grammar Schools (Gymnasien) and Comprehensive Schools German x x
Vocational Schools German x x
Special Education German x x

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