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Certificate programs at TU Dortmund University

Students at TU Dortmund University have the opportunity to develop interdisciplinary skills beyond their own studies through various certificate programs. Certificate programs provide students with qualifications that are not or only partially part of their chosen field of study and can be completed as voluntary additional work beyond the actual bachelor's or master's degree program.

The range of certificates offered at TU Dortmund University is diverse. Some certificate programs address a specific target group, such as student teachers, while others are open to all interested students. The thematic spectrum ranges from the topics of sustainability, innovation and technology management, entrepreneurship, literature pedagogy, writing consulting to international engagement.

Teachers or departments of TU Dortmund University who are interested in developing a certificate program can find a key point paper here, in which organizational and administrative questions are clarified.

General certificates

The Certificate "Studium International" is aimed at all students who wish to engage internationally and expand their competencies in this regard.

Link to the Studium International

The Studium oecologicum certificate enables all students to deal with sustainability issues in an intensive and interdisciplinary way.

Link to the Studium oecologicum

The Center for Higher Education (zhb) offers the certificate "Training as a Writing Consultant" in the field of foreign languages. Welcome are all students who want to acquire relevant writing and consulting skills for their future professional practice and who want to promote academic writing in the subject.

Link to the training to become a writing consultant

Through the DaCoNet certificate, students in all disciplines gain a strong knowledge of data handling and data literacy skills.

Link to Data Literacy

The interdisciplinary certificate program mainly addresses students of mathematical, technical and engineering sciences and aims to promote interdisciplinary exchange, practical digital innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

Link to Digital Technology Management

The "Entrepreneurship" certificate is offered by the CET and is aimed at all students who wish to acquire entrepreneurial skills in addition to their studies.

The continuing education program for senior citizens offers a structured educational program over five semesters that culminates in a certificate. Certain enrollment requirements apply to the certificate.

Link to the Senior Studies

Certificates for student teachers

The ISoLDE certificate is offered by the Department of Cultural Studies and is aimed at student teachers who would like to take a closer look at the topic of "Inclusion - Play - Digital Media".

Link to ISoLDE: Inclusion - Play - Digital Media

The Certificate in Literary Pedagogy is an additional qualification offered to student teachers of German who wish to study topics related to the promotion of reading motivation, language and reading development, and inclusion.

Link to Literature Pedagogy

The additional qualification German as a Foreign Language/German as a Second Language enables student teachers of German Studies to teach German as a Foreign Language and German as a Second Language.

Link to German as a Foreign Language/German as a Second Language

The Bilingual Learning and Teaching Certificate is designed for student teachers majoring in English who wish to obtain an additional qualification in bilingual teaching alongside their studies. Certain enrollment requirements apply to the certificate.

Link to Bilingual Learning and Teaching

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