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What a rejection notice means

Rejection received

The following information applies only to teacher training programs and subjects with admission restrictions.

In the admission-restricted study programs, the number of study places was not sufficient to select all applicants. Therefore, a selection procedure had to be carried out in which initially only applicants with better selection criteria could be admitted. Applicants who could not be allocated a study place in the main procedure receive a letter of rejection.

When will the rejection notices be made available?

After completion of the main procedure, applicants who have not been admitted will receive a letter of rejection. This will be made available for download on the campus portal. Further information and the exact procedure will be sent to you by e-mail.

Current overview of the status of the procedure and the mailing dates

No new rejection notices will be made available in the course of the postponement procedure. Applicants who are still not admitted will only be informed of this by e-mail. The original letter of rejection remains valid.

Further information on the NC procedure.

What are the chances of getting a place at university?

Experience shows that not all applicants in the main procedure accept the assigned study place. If there are still places to be allocated after the main procedure has been completed, these places will be allocated in a move-up procedure. Sometimes there may be more than one procedure for moving up. If you were initially unable to gain admission in the main procedure or in a move-up procedure and would like to continue to participate in the allocation procedure, you must then actively declare this in each case within a specified time window. You will be informed of the time window in the campus portal . To do so, log into the campus portal. You will find the deadlines for a possible participation of the declaration in the postponement procedure directly in the overview of your application forms. If you do not submit this declaration or do not submit it by the deadline, you will be definitively and irrevocably excluded from the further award procedure. The declaration is submitted exclusively online via the campus portal. The submission of further documents is not required. The procedure is explained in detail in the portal. It is not possible to predict whether a move-up procedure will take place and, if so, how many places will be available. It is therefore not possible to estimate your chances of admission in advance.

Enrollment in open-admission programs

Enrollment takes place online and is possible until the last Friday before the start of lectures.

Overview of courses offered and possible open-admission programs

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