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Complaints Office

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Each complaint is also an opportunity. The Complaints Office provides contact points – both in the departments as well as at the central university level – to which students can turn in cases of conflict or if they wish to make a complaint or suggestion for improvement in the area of teaching and studies.

As a rule, the Complaints Offices in the departments are the first port of call for problems in the area of teaching and studies. However, should there be reasons why the complaint cannot be handled in the department or if it is a matter that concerns several departments or the university as a whole, students may contact the Central Complaints Office.

Decentralized Complaints Office

There are contact persons in all departments and institutes to deal with your complaints. You can get in touch with the Complaints Office in the departments if you have a complaint or question or would like to make a suggestion for improvement.

The Complaints Offices in the departments often work closely together with the Dean’s Offices and in most cases are the departments’ Academic Coordinators at the same time. This means that they have a very good general overview as well as detailed knowledge about the respective degree programs and can handle complaints quickly. If you prefer not to contact the Complaints Offices in the departments, Central Complaints Office is also at your disposal.

Contact persons

Central Complaints Office

Central Complaints Office is the responsibility of the Department of University Development and Organization and mediates above all where problems are either cross-department or no cooperative solutions have so far been successful.

On the basis of the complaints and suggestions received, the University introduces measures to improve the organization of studies in order to ensure long-term academic quality. Central Complaints Office reports annually to the Rectorate and the Senate on the complaints received and proposes improvements. The complaints are anonymized for the report so that they cannot be traced back to the persons involved.

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