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Refund of the semester contribution

In some cases, students can be reimbursed for amounts already paid. Please submit a refund request in our campus portal.

Reasons for a refund may be:

  • Overpayment (double transfer, incorrect numbers, ...)
  • The granting of a leave of absence
  • Removal from the register of students prior to the start of lectures
  • Other

Please note:

  • The student is responsible for ensuring that the entered information (bank details, etc.) on the refund application form are complete and correct.
  • Reimbursement will be ordered by the Student Registration Office if there is a reason for reimbursement. If the amount has not yet been credited to your account after six weeks, please contact us.
  • The Student Registration Office can only refund the semester contribution if the application for the removal from the register of students has been handed in at the latest on the last Friday before the start of lectures. If you are removed from the register of students during the current semester, the General Student Committee (AStA) can remburse part of the NRW/VRR semester ticket on a pro rata temporis basis. For more information, please visit the AStA website.

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