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Applications in a higher semester

Higher semesters are all semesters of a study program or subject greater than 1. Therefore, if you have already studied at the TU Dortmund University or at another university and have also received credit points, you can apply for the recognition of academic qualifications and on this basis for the classification into a higher semester.

In this case, the so-called study program year regulation applies (studies always start in the winter semester only). Consequently, a placement within the standard period of study can only be made in an odd semester in the winter semester and only in an even semester in the summer semester.

There are study programs and subjects at the TU Dortmund that have admission restrictions in the higher subject semesters. You can find out whether there is an admission restriction for a degree program or subject in our overview of degree programs. If you have any questions about the range of courses on offer, please use the TU Dortmund University's advisory services.

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