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Re-registration and semester contribution

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Every semester students have to pay a semester contribution in full and on time. Basically, you will be informed about corresponding amounts and account details with the registration documents or the alert to re-register. Under the link below you will also find separately all the information about the bank account, the composition and the use of the semester contribution:

Information for new enrollees:

Composition and use of the semester contribution and bank details (WiSe 2022/2023)

Information for re-registrants:

Composition and use of the semester contribution and bank details for re-registration (WiSe 2022/2023)

In the re-registration notification, you will be given a deadline for payment of the amount, which will allow you to register for the following semester and continue your studies at TU Dortmund University. If you have successfully completed your studies or for other reasons decided to end your studies at TU Dortmund University, please apply for official university withdrawal.

The time of receipt of the money is decisive for compliance with the re-registration period. In the case of transfer/receipt of money after this deadline, a late submission fee of 3.40 euros is to be added to the amount. After the deadline, re-registration cannot take place unless this late fee is paid.

As a rule, the semester fee must be paid in full to re-register.

The composition and the current amount of the fees can be found on the information sheet on the payment of semester fees.

In the event of a leave of absence, the semester fee may be reduced depending on the reason for the leave of absence. The respective amounts can be found in the application for leave of absence.

After the payment has been assigned to your registration number, ...

  • students automatically receive the NRW/VRR semester ticket via their UniAccount. From this point on, it will be possible to request current study certificates via the online services.
  • students simultaneously enrolled at another university can retrieve their certificate of enrollment online after submitting the certificate of enrollment from the first university.
  • guest auditors will receive a certificate of admission as guest auditor by post.

No. If you have already completed the academic performance of our degree program, you do not have to re-register. You no longer need to be enrolled for the assessment of the achievements and the issuance of the graduation documents. You can therefore apply for the removal from the register of students.

If you do not yet know conclusively whether you have completed your studies, you can also re-register for your own safety. If you then are removed from the register of students by the last Friday before the start of lectures at the latest and submit an application for a refund, you can get a full refund for the semester contribution. If you are removed from the register of students later, you can have the costs for the semester ticket refunded proportionally by the AStA. Information about the start of lectures and other dates and deadlines can be found here.

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