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Want to get into the master's program?

Master program

The prerequisite for a Master's degree is a university degree already completed (usually Bachelor's degree). Currently, there are no master's degree programs at TU Dortmund University with restricted admission. Therefore, you can find out more about access to a Master's program under the heading " Enrollment requirements ".

Graduates who obtained their Bachelor's degree abroad must contact the International Office for application and enrollment in a Master's program.

The master's program is a second degree program, usually building on a successful bachelor's degree. To enroll in an admission-free master's degree program, please note the following:

  • A master's degree can be taken up either directly after completion of a bachelor's degree or after an initial period of professional activity.
  • Depending on the individual examination regulations, another degree may also be recognized as equivalent to the Bachelor's degree. The examination of other degrees is the responsibility of the respective examination board. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant advisor or examination board.
  • Enrollment in Master's programs is possible in the winter semester and in many programs also in the summer semester.
  • Enrollment for students already enrolled at TU Dortmund University is done for degree programs with the same name (e.g. Bachelor Mechanical Engineering to Master Mechanical Engineering) with the application for a change of degree program. For all other changes to other Master's programs, such as from Bachelor Mathematics to Master Business Mathematics, the transfer is done via the campus portal. In these cases, please register in the campus portal and submit an application there for the master's degree you wish to change to.
  • For students who have completed their Bachelor's degree at another university or who have already been exmatriculated, the registration is done via the campus portal of the TU Dortmund University. The deadlines vary depending on the faculty and the degree program. A corresponding general overview can be found here: PDF Overview of deadlines.
  • In principle, it must be clarified whether the first university degree is sufficient in terms of content and quality for admission to the desired Master's program. This is decided by the responsible examination board. Further information can be obtained from the student advisors of the individual Master's programs.

The path to the teaching profession at TU Dortmund University leads via a Bachelor-Master model. Those who have completed a corresponding bachelor's degree at the TU Dortmund can enter the Master of Education and deepen their knowledge there. A master's degree is a mandatory requirement for later entry into the teaching profession. Entry into the Master's program is possible in the summer and winter semesters. Please contact the Registrar's Office to transfer to the Master's program.

Students who have completed a Bachelor's degree at another university and would like to enter the Master of Education at TU Dortmund University must have their performance reviewed. The enrollment takes place via the campus portal of the TU Dortmund University. Please note that the examination will take some time, since in addition to the general admission requirements, further requirements according to the examination regulations or the subject-specific regulations must be checked for admission to a Master's program in teaching.

  • For further information, please visit the pages of the DoKoLL.

In the course of the changeover to the new Teacher Training Act (LABG 2009), the TU Dortmund developed this separate study model for the industrial-technical subjects in the vocational college teaching profession. The master's degree is based on bachelor's degree programs in engineering and essentially teaches educational science, subject didactics and vocational pedagogy. If you wish to pursue this degree program, please proceed as follows:

  1. Please contact the academic advisor for the intended master's degree program in electrical or mechanical engineering technology in advance.
  2. Attend a mandatory advising session with the academic advisor. The advising form can be found here.
  3. In cooperation with the student advisor or the examination board, agree on whether you meet the admission requirements and which requirements, if any, must be met. These will be set down in writing.
  4. Please submit a corresponding application in the campus portal.

Further information can be found at:

Master of Vocational Education Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Master's degree in vocational education in electrical engineering (lateral entry)


Enrollment at TU Dortmund University is done via the campus portal. Here you will find information and assistance and will be guided step by step through the enrollment process. Beforehand, you should familiarize yourself with the enrollment requirements of the respective degree program or subject (teaching profession).

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