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Health insurance & pension

Health Insurance Matters

In order to enroll for studies at TU Dortmund University, the status of health insurance must be available for all students. No enrollment at TU Dortmund University can take place without proof of insurance.

Exception: Doctoral students who enroll exclusively for doctoral studies as well as participants of German courses preparing for studies (German course students) are exempt from the statutory insurance obligation.

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There is a mutual obligation to report between the statutory health insurances and universities. The TU Dortmund University will use the electronic student notification procedure (SMV) from 01.01.2022. As of this date, notifications from the health insurance companies will no longer be accepted in paper form.

The sender number of the TU Dortmund for the SMV is: H0003158.

At the latest at the time of enrollment, we require an electronic notification of your insurance status from your health insurance company.

The health insurance companies report to the university the

  • Insurance status (M10)
  • Start of insurance in case of a change of health insurance company (M11)
  • Delay in payment of health insurance contributions (M12)
  • Settlement of health insurance contributions in arrears (M13)

The university reports to the health insurance companies

  • Start of studies and date of enrollment (M20)
  • expiry of the semester in which or with effect of the expiry of which the de-registration takes place (M30)

If you have statutory health insurance, please contact your health insurance company at an early stage and inform them about your planned application to TU Dortmund University. The health insurance company will then send the required notification (M10) to our university.

If you are privately insured and would like to remain so during your studies, please contact a statutory health insurance of your choice and inform yourself there about the legal consequences of an exemption from the statutory health insurance obligation. Even in the case of an exemption, the statutory health insurance must report this to us electronically.

Please note: If you have already been insured with a statutory health insurance company before, please only contact this health insurance company for the notification of the exemption to our university.

!Attention. The exemption from compulsory insurance must be applied for within three months after the start of your studies.

Please note: If you are already enrolled at TU Dortmund University, you do not need to arrange anything. If you change your health insurance, please arrange for a notification of the new health insurance (M11).

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