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From doctorate to professorship

Supporting Early Career Researchers

The promotion of young scientists - from doctoral interest to lifetime professorship - is a core concern of TU Dortmund University.

The Graduate Center of TU Dortmund University integrates and expands the various offers for interdisciplinary support for ERCs. In the Research Academy Ruhr these offers are additionally linked to within UA Ruhr, thus forming one of the most powerful platforms for the promotion of early career researchers and scholars in Germany.

Complementing the professional qualification and counseling in the departments, the GC-support offer adresses all career phases with their specific needs:

  • Information and Advice for succesfully planing all phases of a researcher’s career – within and beyond academic research
  • Qualification offers and skills training for interdisciplinary competences such as project, self- and working group management, successful communication, good scientific practice, success in appointment procedures, etc.
  • Various formats for professional networking and informal exchange

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