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Bachelor program

The Bachelor's degree is the first professional degree awarded by a university. Depending on the course of study, the Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts is awarded.

General admission requirements for studying at the TU Dortmund University:

  • You can apply or enroll for a Bachelor's degree program at TU Dortmund University immediately after acquiring your university entrance qualification (usually the Abitur). The subject-related university entrance qualification also entitles the holder to study certain courses of study. The Fachhochschulreife (also called Fachabitur) does not entitle to study at the TU Dortmund.
  • The "study without Abitur" is possible within the framework of the university admission for vocationally qualified persons, the further information can be found under study without Abitur.
  • As a rule, enrollment in Bachelor's degree programs with open admission in the 1st semester or application for degree programs with restricted admission for the 1st semester is only possible for the winter semester. Exception: For the Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science, enrollment in the 1st semester is also possible for the summer semester!
  • In some subjects you have to fulfill certain enrollment requirements (aptitude test, language test, internships, etc.) and prove them for enrollment.
  • You can apply online via the campus portal of the TU Dortmund University.
  • You can find more information about the allocation procedure here: NC procedure at a glance.

Application/ Enrollment:

The application or enrollment at TU Dortmund University is done via the campus portal. Here you will find information and assistance and will be guided step by step through the application or enrollment process. Beforehand, you should familiarize yourself with the enrollment requirements of the respective degree program or subject (teaching profession).

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