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Three issues of unizet lie on top of each other on a table. © Presse​/​TU Dortmund

What's new on the TU Dortmund University campus? Which new research projects have started? What interesting events are offered for prospective students, students or employees? Answers to these and many other questions can be found in unizet.

Since 1980, the campus newspaper has regularly provided all TU Dortmund University members with current news, reports and features from research, teaching and administration. unizet promotes internal communication among university members, maintains contact with university alumni and serves as a source of information for the local press. unizet is published four times a year and has a circulation of 4,000.


mundo (Latin: in the world) is the science magazine of TU Dortmund University. The magazine offers an insight into the world of science at TU Dortmund under one main topic each time and is also aimed at non-specialists. The news, reports and features are therefore written in such a way that even complex scientific contexts are easy to understand. The minimundo section is also intended to arouse young readers' curiosity about scientific topics and questions. mundo is published twice a year and has a circulation of 3,600. 

Since issue 32/2021, the articles of the issue are also available online.

Several issues of mundo 32 with the overriding theme "Confronting Climate Change" lie fanned out on a wooden table. © TU Dortmund

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