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German as a foreign language

Students learn languages.Most classes at TU Dortmund University are taught in German. In order to complete your studies successfully, you need to have a good knowledge of German. As part of the application process, you will have to take a language proficiency test to demonstrate your German skills. The German language requirements can be found here:

This rule does not apply to English-language study programs. For these programs, you need to prove your proficiency in English. TU Dortmund University does not offer any preparatory German language courses, although we do provide support for refugees to attend local language schools.

International students and researchers already studying and working at the university can improve their knowledge of German continuously. The Department of Foreign Languages at the Center for Higher Education offers a wide choice of courses in German as a Foreign Language.

Thirteen Modern Foreign Languages

In our increasingly globalized professional world, foreign language skills are a must for university graduates. The ability to communicate competently in at least one, if not two foreign languages, has now become a standard feature of an academic profile and thus improves your professional prospects. Moreover, multilingualism is valued in Europe as an expression of cultural diversity. The Department of Foreign Languages enables you to acquire foreign language qualifications at various levels. In addition to Latin, Hebrew and Ancient Greek, 13 modern foreign languages are currently on offer.

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