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Careers at TU Dortmund University

The campus during summer.TU Dortmund University's staff of more than 6,200, among them about 300 professors, makes it one of the city's major employers. The university boasts almost 2,000 academic teaching and research staff and has created up to 50 junior professorships. In 2015, 250 students earned their PhDs at TU Dortmund University; 16 percent of the candidates hailed from abroad. With its 110 apprentices in technical and administrative careers, TU Dortmund University is also one of the city's major providers of vocational training opportunities.

Our ServicePortal features current job opportunities at TU Dortmund University. The TU Dortmund University appointment portal is a service and information platform for applicants, giving details about the specific appointment practices for professorships at TU Dortmund University. In addition, the portal offers a comprehensive compilation of information and guidelines for all parties involved in the appointment process.

Dual Career Service

To compete in the global quest for new research talent, windo e.V., an alliance of university and research institutions in Dortmund, has launched the Network for Dual Career Couple Navigation. It ensures that spouses or partners of new hires with strong research credentials can be offered a career perspective. Together with the companies in the network, the city with its department of municipal business development and the employment agency, it has been possible to find several matching jobs in recent years.

MERCUR, the Mercator Research Center Ruhr, is building a Dual Career Network Ruhr for the entire Ruhr Area. The project connects universities, universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen) and non-university research institutions in the Ruhr Area with enterprises and associations based in the region. The network helps universities to recruit highly-qualified specialists by making it easier for their partners to find jobs.

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