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The transfer of research results

Außenaufnahme des Hauptgebäudes des Technologiezentrums DortmundIn its handling of the transfer of research results Dortmund is exemplary. An important location factor for start-ups and established companies is the close connection to TU Dortmund University and the Science and Technology Campus. The 'TechnologiePark', which covers 40 hectares on the Science and Technology Campus, is one of the largest technology parks in Europe, offering development potential for almost 350 companies.

The TechnologieZentrumDortmund (TZDO) is the nucleus of the park. It is the first address for knowledge-based companies and start-ups in the orbit of the universities and institutes. TZDO is both a magnet and hub for growth industries such as information technology, logistics, biomedicine, bioinformatics as well as microsystems technology, nanotechnology, production technology and manufacturing technology. TZDO's 30-year success story is illustrated by impressive statistics: The gross regional domestic product now amounts to approximately EUR 1.7 billion. More than 10,000 jobs for highly qualified employees have been created locally, while a total of 23,000 jobs in the region are closely linked to the development of the local companies.

Where the Entrepreneurial Heart Beats

TU Dortmund University recognizes and promotes start-ups inspired by research. It actively supports its students, graduates and staff in developing and implementing business ventures. The university's entrepreneurial initiative 'tu>startup' and its technology transfer have won several awards, among others by the national program 'EXIST-Culture of Entrepreneurship' in 2012. Partnered by the TechnologieZentrumDortmund and Dortmund Business Development, the tu>startup Center for Entrepreneurship and Transfer is the hub of activities.

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