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The rectorate is the top managerial body of the university. Its tasks include strategic planning and development, the allocation of the needed positions and funds, and evaluation of the university’s performance. The rectorate is also in charge of all affairs and decisions that are not explicitly assigned to other entities.

Where necessary, the rectorate defines the specific competencies of university entities. It issues an annual review of university performance and provides an opportunity for student representatives in the university senate to obtain information on academic matters at least once a semester.

The rectorate consists of the rector, who acts as its chair, four prorectors, and the chancellor. The prorectors are elected by the university council and confirmed by the senate.



Albrecht Ehlers


Tel:. +49 (0)231-755 7560


Prorector Research
Prof. Dr. Gabriele Sadowski

Prof. Gabriele Sadowski

Tel.: +49 (0)231-755 7577 or 7578


Prorector Diversity Management
Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel


Tel.: +49 (0)231-755 7577 or 7578

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