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Champions of Equal Opportunity

Eine Frau, ein Mann und ein kleines Mädchen schauen auf einen Computer-BildschirmTU Dortmund University is dedicated to continuously advancing equal opportunity and family-friendliness at the university. In terms of gender equality, it has already made great strides, basing its governance on standards set by the German Research Foundation (DFG). In 2008, the latter established the so-called "research oriented standards on gender equality" that are designed to ensure a sustainable equality policy in science and higher education. In 2013, the DFG awarded TU Dortmund University the top grade for implementing these standards.

Although TU Dortmund University outperforms other universities of technology in its percentage of female professors, we still have much work ahead of us: While the share of female Master’s graduates was 53 percent in 2015, the percentage of female doctoral candidates was significantly lower at 30 percent. The percentage of female professors was even smaller at 21 percent. TU Dortmund University is determined to increase its percentage of female scholars in accordance with the cascade model. This means the percentage of female professors we strive to achieve in any given discipline equals the percentage of women in the overall population who would be eligible for a professorship in Germany.

Among Bachelor's students, the percentage of women is highest in the program Rehabilitation Education (88%) and lowest in Mechanical Engineering (11%). Our programs "MinTU – Getting Girls into TU Dortmund" and "12+ – Mentoring Boys" are designed to inspire high schoolers of both genders to pursue degree programs in which their respective gender is still under-represented.

Family-friendliness Is Our Motto – and We Have the Certification to Prove It

Family-friendly services at TU Dortmund University are designed to benefit all modern family constellations and to support students and staff in finding the right balance between their studies and professional lives on the one hand, and their domestic responsibilities, such as taking care of children and other dependents, on the other. In 2014, TU Dortmund University signed the "Families at Universities" Charta, thus becoming a member of the best-practice alliance of the same name.

In cooperation with various partners, TU Dortmund University offers families a large general/vacation daycare facility. The campus features a dual-career service office, a family office providing information for families in Dortmund, as well as a support office for university members who take care of a dependent. In addition, quiet rooms and changing tables are available at various locations and there is a regular 'parent café'.

Your primary contact for equal opportunity and family-friendly services is the Office for Equal Opportunity, Family and Diversity at TU Dortmund University:

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