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Central Scientific Institutions

Luftaufnahme von Nord-CampusFour central interdisciplinary scientific institutions provide various services for research and teaching.

  1. Center for Teacher Training (DoKoLL) (in German only): DoKoLL is the central point of contact for all matters pertaining to teacher training. At TU Dortmund University, prospective teachers receive sound training that is research based and practice related.
  2. Social Research Center Dortmund (sfs): At sfs, some 35 academics of varying disciplines conduct innovation research on topics relating to social science, sustainability, the development of work, organization and employment, the service society, the connection between employment policy and health as well as education and work in Europe.
  3. Center for Synchrotron Radiation (DELTA): DELTA is the world’s only electron storage ring located on a university campus. Here, researchers shed light on the best-kept secrets of nature – the tiniest constituents of matter, atoms, protein chains. At DELTA, even first-semester students have the opportunity to tackle questions related to research and development.
  4. Center for Higher Education (zhb): zhb is responsible for the areas of continuing education, teaching and faculty development, foreign languages as well as disability and university studies (DoBuS). Already some 40 years ago, DoBuS pioneered the motto 'A University for All'; in 2016, it received an award from Zero Project in recognition of its work for inclusion.

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