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Sixteen faculties – ranging from science and engineering to social sciences and cultural studies

The university from the sky.

Visit the following pages for information about the Deans' Offices, the research foci, the staff and the course offerings:

(9) Spatial Planning

he Faculty of Spatial Planning, established by the university in 1969, was the first to offer an independent study program for spatial planners. Thanks to the international planning program SPRING, Dortmund graduates can be found on all continents around the world.

(10) Architecture and Civil Engineering (in German only)

The Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering is developing new approaches to the holistic planning and construction of buildings.

(11) Business and Economics

In the Faculty of Business and Economics the spectrum ranges from entrepreneurship research, controlling and marketing to health policy and economic policy.

(12) Education, Psychology and Sociology (in German only)

The Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology has a nationwide reputation for its research on schools.

(13) Rehabilitation Sciences

The Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences investigates the everyday support requirements of people with special needs. It is the largest independent university institution with this profile in Europe.

(14) Human Sciences and Theology (in German only)

Political scientists, philosophers and theologians collaborate in the Faculty of Human Sciences and Theology.

(15) Cultural Studies

The Faculty of Cultural Studies promotes campus-wide dialogue with interdisciplinary course programs and offers Germany's only program in science journalism, which also includes an integrated traineeship in this field.

(16) Arts and Sports Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Sports Sciences also trains teachers specializing in art and offers a major in music on the course program for prospective secondary school teachers.

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