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The rectorate is the top managerial body of the university. Its tasks include strategic planning and development, the allocation of the needed positions and funds, and evaluation of the university’s performance. The rectorate is also in charge of all affairs and decisions that are not explicitly assigned to other entities.

Where necessary, the rectorate defines the specific competencies of university entities. It issues an annual review of university performance and provides an opportunity for student representatives in the university senate to obtain information on academic matters at least once a semester.

The rectorate consists of the rector, who acts as its chair, four prorectors, and the chancellor. The prorectors are elected by the university council and confirmed by the senate.


Portrait photo of Rector Ursula Gather © Lutz Kampert

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ursula Gather

Phone: +49 (0)231 755-7550

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Portrait photo of Albrecht Ehlers © Lutz Kampert

Albrecht Ehlers

Phone: +49 (0)231 755-7560

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Prorector Academic Affairs

Portrait photo of Professor Insa Melle © Lutz Kampert

Prof. Dr. Insa Melle

Phone: +49 (0)231 755-7572

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Prorector Research

Portrait photo of Professor Sadowksi © Lutz Kampert

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Sadowski

Phone: +49 (0)231 755-7577 or (+49) 0231 755-7578

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Prorector Finance

Portrait photo of Professor Metin Tolan © Lutz Kampert

Prof. Dr. Metin Tolan

Phone: +49 (0)231 755-7573

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Prorector Diversity Management

Portrait photo of Professor Barbara Welzel © Lutz Kampert

Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel

Phone: +49 (0)231 755-7577 or +49 (0)231 755-7578

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Location & approach

The campus of TU Dortmund University is located close to interstate junction Dortmund West, where the Sauerlandlinie A 45 (Frankfurt-Dortmund) crosses the Ruhrschnellweg B 1 / A 40. The best interstate exit to take from A 45 is "Dortmund-Eichlinghofen" (closer to Campus Süd), and from B 1 / A 40 "Dortmund-Dorstfeld" (closer to Campus Nord). Signs for the university are located at both exits. Also, there is a new exit before you pass over the B 1-bridge leading into Dortmund.

To get from Campus Nord to Campus Süd by car, there is the connection via Vogelpothsweg/Baroper Straße. We recommend you leave your car on one of the parking lots at Campus Nord and use the H-Bahn (suspended monorail system), which conveniently connects the two campuses.

TU Dortmund University has its own train station ("Dortmund Universität"). From there, suburban trains (S-Bahn) leave for Dortmund main station ("Dortmund Hauptbahnhof") and Düsseldorf main station via the "Düsseldorf Airport Train Station" (take S-Bahn number 1, which leaves every 20 or 30 minutes). The university is easily reached from Bochum, Essen, Mülheim an der Ruhr and Duisburg.

You can also take the bus or subway train from Dortmund city to the university: From Dortmund main station, you can take any train bound for the Station "Stadtgarten", usually lines U41, U45, U 47 and U49. At "Stadtgarten" you switch trains and get on line U42 towards "Hombruch". Look out for the Station "An der Palmweide". From the bus stop just across the road, busses bound for TU Dortmund University leave every ten minutes (445, 447 and 462). Another option is to take the subway routes U41, U45, U47 and U49 from Dortmund main station to the stop "Dortmund Kampstraße". From there, take U43 or U44 to the stop "Dortmund Wittener Straße". Switch to bus line 447 and get off at "Dortmund Universität S".

Dortmund Airport offers flights to several destinations in Central Europe. There are regular connections to Katowice, Kraków, London and Munich. For the approximately 20km-trip from Dortmund Airport to TU Dortmund University, you can use a shuttle bus to the railway Station "Bahnhof Holzwickede", from which trains depart to Dortmund main station (please visit Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr for more information). Normally, the fastest way is to catch a taxi at Dortmund Airport.

The H-Bahn is one of the hallmarks of TU Dortmund University. There are two stations on Campus Nord. One ("Dortmund Universität S") is directly located at the suburban train stop, which connects the university directly with the city of Dortmund and the rest of the Ruhr Area. Also from this station, there are connections to the "Technologiepark" and (via Campus Süd) Eichlinghofen. The other station is located at the dining hall at Campus Nord and offers a direct connection to Campus Süd every five minutes.

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