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Voluntary participation in the Studium Fundamentale

The picture shows the Campus of TU Dortmund University from above. © Peter Sondermann​/​TU Dortmund

Students of degree programs that have not incorporated the Studium Fundamentale into their curriculum on a mandatory basis can participate in individual parts on an optional basis; students will be issued a certificate in this case. How many courses you take and whether you earn a 2 or 3 CP certificate is up to you or the instructor. Please have your participation signed on the module certificate of the Studium Fundamentale. You submit the module certificate to the responsible person. You will then be issued a certificate.

Please note that in some cases students who are required to take the Studium Fundamentale are considered first in the allocation of places. It therefore makes sense to register at the end of the registration period in each case if the other students have already chosen a place.

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