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Studentin_mit_LaptopIf the clichés tied to Dortmund’s past were true, the university would have a department of beer brewing and offer a degree in mining or metallurgy. Graduates would make steel and go down into mines.

Fortunately, there is nothing clichéd about the vision of the university’s founders, who understood that a great institution must be responsive to the needs of the day. As the economy of the Ruhr region becomes more advanced, both technologically and in terms of the skills required, TU Dortmund University remains a step ahead, providing practical education and applicable skills.

TU Dortmund University combines academic tradition with state-of-the-art demands on the quality of education. The curricula in virtually all disciplines have been radically restructured in recent years. And the new and international study programs in particular get a good response here and abroad.


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Emil-Figge-Str. 61

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44227 Dortmund
Head: Barbara Schneider
Tel.: +49 (0)231 / 755-6350


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