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forschung_laserTU Dortmund University does not only rely on the strengths of each specialized discipline but also on the interdisciplinary connection between them. As a result, the university benefits from special profile-building features in education and interdisciplinary research. By combining disciplines of the three four main fields of engineering and computer science, natural sciences and social and cultural sciences, innovative synergy potentials are developed in research, giving education a modern touch.

TU Dortmund University especially supports its profile areas “Production and Logistics,” “Chemical Biology and Biotechnology,” “Modeling, Simulation and Optimizing of Complex Processes and Systems” and “Youth, School and Education Research,” where research successes are achieved on a broad basis, beyond disciplinary limits and on an outstanding international level.

Moreover, in Dortmund research is done in a stimulating neighborhood. The Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology was established on the north campus. The Fraunhofer Institutes for Material Flow and Logistics and for Software and Systems Engineering have also settled here for some time now. The Institute of Analytical Sciences (ISAS) and the Institute of Occupational Physiology, also close by, are run by the Leibniz Association.



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