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International Networks

globuskleinTU Dortmund University is connected to a number of universities all over the world through different international networks. Here you can find information on the networks in which TU Dortmund University is involved. In addition, the university maintains offices abroad to increase awareness around the world for the city of Dortmund, the Ruhr Area and the university.


China-NRW University Alliance

TU Dortmund University became a member of the China-NRW University Alliance in 2009. The China-NRW University Alliance encompasses six of North Rhine-Westphalia’s top universities, aiming to actively shape their relationships to partner institutions in China.


International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

TU Dortmund University has been a member of the ISEP network since the academic year 1997/1998. ISEP is an association of over 300 colleges and universities in 50 countries cooperating to provide affordable access to international education for a diverse student population. It organizes overseas experiences in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East or Oceania. As it is an exchange program, ISEP also provides the opportunity for foreign students to study at TU Dortmund University.


UAR Liaison Offices


UAR Office New York

UAR Liaison Office USA is a non-profit office based in New York City. It was established by the three Ruhr Area universities to encourage American students and researchers to be part of our academic network and to promote the Ruhr Area around the country at various universities and other academic institutions. Over the years it has forged more than 520 links in the USA and offers conferences and congresses at its office in New York City.


UAR Office Moscow

The second non-profit office of the three Ruhr Area universities opened its doors in March 2009. Its task is to raise awareness in Russia for the Ruhr Area as a place for research and education. The network aims to strengthen the cooperation between the three Ruhr Area universities and Russian academic institutions, to extend research cooperation and to expand student exchange. The office in Moscow helps researchers from Dortmund to start or intensify cooperation with Russia and organizes conferences.


UAR Office Latin America

The third UAR office was opened in May 2011 in Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo, Brazil. Its aim is to facilitate and strengthen cooperation between the three UAR-universities with institutions in Brazil and other Latin-American countries.



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