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The Refectories

Foodcounter in der MensaThe refectories of TU Dortmund University provide varied food on the highest quality level for several thousand students and employees. From Monday to Friday one can choose between several meals or get something from the buffet.

Since 2005 the main refectory on the north campus shines in new splendour. After the renovation it lost its canteen-like appearance and presents itself as a pleasant designed catering facility which can offer very different menus at meal counters and stations. Recently a café-bar invites to stay for a cappuccino or latte macchiato after lunch.

The refectory on the south campus is smaller but quieter than its counterpart on the north campus. Here you can have lunch in a cozy atmosphere; and with the H-Bahn you can commute between auditorium and refectory as quick as a wink.  


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